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tracing data through the archives

July 13, 2010


Upon tedious perusal of many articles, I’ve come to form some strong opinions on what makes data traceable. At a basic level, I simply wish authors were more clear (it sure would make my data extraction easier!). This requires transparency on the part of the scientist. Not just a willingness to be open, but explicitly […]

Why Share Data?

June 29, 2010


Raw data is the currency of science. It “pays” the publication bills, it fuels the inquiry. But once the publication is obtained and logged on the tenure checklist, what good is data? A busy scientist might say the data has served its purpose and bury it in their cemetery of computer files. Another could argue […]

Anecdotal Perceptions of DataSharing

June 16, 2010


Maybe I come from an arcane science, but as I explained this internship to my stream ecologist peers at a conference last week they responded with varying degrees of “huh?” Ok, I understand this project is well outside the scope of insects and flow dynamics, but most of my scientific peers have an admittedly poor […]