Sharing is Caring

Posted on July 28, 2010 by


With budget cuts affecting all libraries, it is an unpleasant, but all too common surprise when you no longer have access to a particular journal or database.

What then? There is always interlibrary loan. However, there may be cost prohibitions, or the article may not get to you in time.

What if you could contact other researchers in similar fields to obtain access and recommendations to articles?

Shameless plug time.

Heather had introduced me to Mendeley as a way to manage our ever-growing OpenWetware page of web resources relating to data sharing, data reuse and data citation. I also used it to tag my citations for articles I had found citing TreeBASE, Pangaea and ORNL DAAC.

Most importantly, Mendeley allows for the sharing of lists with other users as Public Collections as well as Shared Collections that allow the sharing of documents with up to ten people for reading and tagging. Mendeley also has a plugin for Word and OpenOffice for easy citation.

Here is our current list of Web Resources.