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Show me the Data: NISo is hosting a webinar on linking datasets and publications  August 11th

There is a trove of session summaries and interviews with presenters from the CNI / JISC  2010 Meeting : Managing Data in Difficult Times: policies, strategies, technologies and infrastructure to manage research and teaching data in a fast changing technological and economic environment.

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There is an mp3 and slides available from a dean’s lecture series at UC Berkley’s iSchool by Victoria Stodden. The focus of her lecture is the degradation of the scientific method (namely reproducible findings) in a digital age. Stodden is a fierce advocate of not only open data, but open code ( an important distinction that I think sometimes get’s washed out in the clamoring for making underlying data more accessible) . What’s especially effective about Stodden’s approach, besides its breadth, is her licensing ideas on how we return to sound scientific practice. In gist, her thesis includes  “open licensing options designed to create an intellectual property framework for scientists consonant with longstanding scientific norms” and the establishment of what she calls ‘reproducible research standards

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